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It's easy to be leery of business-world buzzwords – they tend to emerge with great ferocity and then die with a whimper. Much like one-hit wonders on the radio, buzzwords infiltrate the business landscape almost instantaneously but generally lack the staying power of ideas that are truly revolutionary. Open Innovation, however, is more than just a buzzword – it is the future of business.

The Internet, globalization and technology have transformed the way people do business and, rather than look at such changes as a disadvantage, companies need to embrace them for all the opportunities they afford. Most notably, the crumbling of competitive barriers and the integration of outside sources into the innovation process have given enterprises large and small unprecedented access to new ideas, products and expertise.

While the shift to Open Innovation may seem seismic to those accustomed to the more close-door business practices of the past, if utilized properly, Open Innovation can yield high-end benefits for businesses, consumers and society at large. Best of all, Open Innovation gives companies the opportunity to find new products and technologies they may have never been able to unearth otherwise.

By learning more about the concept of Open Innovation, resources like innovation capitalists, and how to effectively incorporate innovation initiatives into business strategy, companies can take that all-important first step toward the future of innovation.

Open Innovation is a concept that should be explored by every business in every industry. InventHelp's Open Innovation Resource gives companies the tools to do just that.

August 4, 2008
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